The School

A Compassionate and Joyful Approach for Our Youngest Learners

Teachers at our school instruct with joy, compassion, and the gentle spirit of the Holy Child Jesus to create a culture of trust, hope, and meaning for the children of Batey Lecheria. Caring, devoted staff work hard to deliver crucial services that address the abundant and serious needs of their students, who often lack self-discipline, suffer from malnourishment, and are sometimes abused or abandoned.

Grounded in the Montessori Method and Teaching of Cornelia Connelly

With the Montessori method and the teachings of our Foundress Cornelia Connelly as the foundation of instruction, the Sisters of Holy Child Jesus and the volunteers serve hundreds of students each year through a full day of instruction.

Nutrition Is Key to Our Students’ Health

Nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy life, so every day each child receives a vitamin, glass of milk, and government-issued bread to supplement his or her diet. However, for some children, this is the only nourishment they will receive regularly.

Consider volunteering or donating to help the Sisters in their work with these special schoolchildren. With your support, the Sisters can help the people of Batey Lecheria build self-sustaining communities.