Our Work

Our School

Employing the Montessori method and the teachings of our Foundress, Cornelia Connelly, we serve 400 children every year at our school in the Dominican Republic’s Batey Lecheria. The children are in great need of our support, guidance, and direction. They often lack self-discipline, are malnourished, abused, and/or have been abandoned. It is difficult for the children to focus, listen, relate to others, and follow directions. Therefore, caring staff members are crucial in providing an environment conducive to learning and meeting all the special needs of the children.

Teachers at our school instruct with joy, compassion, and the gentle spirit of the Holy Child Jesus. They create an environment of trust, hope, and meaning for the children. Our teaching assistants are past pupils from the batey who serve as “shadows” accompanying the children most in need to help them with educational activities. Read more about a typical day for a Holy Child Volunteer

Our Medical Clinic

In 2004 we opened a medical clinic, which opens daily from 8 a.m. till noon and serves nearly 10,000 patients. Since beginning we have served almost all the families living in the batey and many more from the surrounding area.